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Nutraceutical, are food or food product that provides health and medical benefits. Nutriceuticals are advanced nutritional supplements that work synergistically to deliver optimal anti-aging results.
Men, on average, die 5.2 years earlier than women. In the U.S., the average life expectancy for women
is 80.4 and for men is 75.2. Why men die younger and how they can live longer is being explored by researchers.
It has been long questioned why women outlive men and what contributes to longevity the best.
The study conducted by Spanish
and Italian scientists showed that
a group of proteins could be the key to the extended longevity.
Information about nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, water, minerals, vitamins). Nutrition and Diet tips to choose a healthy diet for you and your family. Including food guide recommendations, heart healthy eating and portion control.
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